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Jack Loftis, the former editor of the Houston Chronicle and a former NCS member, passed away at the end of December.

Loftis was a great advocate of comic strips, says NCS and NCS|Texas Chapter member Bill Hinds. “He was responsible for my career in cartooning.”

Hinds was asked by Jack’s wife to do a drawing of Jack to give to attendees at Jack’s memorial service. “I tried to do it in the style I did 40 years ago when I worked at the Chronicle,” Hinds says.

In 1995, the Chronicle acquired the assets of the Houston Post, which then shuttered. When Loftis saw the volume of mail about the comics pages — 9,000 letters — he decided to move all the Post comics to the Chronicle, giving it a massive four pages of comics, the Chronicle reported.

“Jack loved the comics,” said Chronicle designer and illustrator Ken Ellis. “Because of him, we for years had the largest and best comics section of any paper in the



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