It’s Official!

The Texas Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society officially launched this weekend (November16, 2014)  with a cozy get-together in Galveston. Founding affiliated members are:

+ Brad Anderson [Houston]
+ Paul Anderson [DFW]
+ Hector Cantu [DFW]
+ Rob Harrell [Austin]
+ Scott Hilburn [DFW]
+ Bill Hinds [Houston]
+ Terry Moore [Austin]
+ Aaron Neathery [Houston]
+ Steve Sicula [DFW]
+ Jen Sorenson [Austin]
+ Milburn Taylor [Austin]

Hector Cantu was selected Chair, and Milburn Taylor was selected Vice-Chair. We still need to fill our Treasurer position, so let Hector know if you are interested.

Here are the main “mission” points we discussed:
+ Fostering friendship and community
+ Recruiting more Texas NCS members
+ Promoting the work of our members
+ Preserving the history and contributions of Texas cartoonists
+ Exploring professional opportunities

We’ve penciled in our next meeting for March in Dallas. Details to come.

If you have any NCS member candidates, please send an email to

Congrats, everyone! We look forward to working toward our goals, seeing you in Dallas, and having fun!

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